UK Scrappage Scheme

Scrappage Schemes!

Our aim is to provide a simple explanation of all the various confusing scrappage schemes available now and coming soon in the UK.

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Why do we need Scrappage Schemes?

They are generally portrayed as a way to move towards a more planet friendly way of life, reducing CO2 emissions and helping to reverse the current rise in global temperature.
They usually involve a financial incentive to encourage buyers to lower their CO2 ouput.

In 2009 the UK government followed other countries in introducing a scrappage scheme which provided cash incentives for anyone switching to a lower co2 emission vehicle. This was a huge success in removing highly polluting vehicles from our roads.
Unfortunately many of the new lower co2 vehicles tended to be diesel engine cars which are nowadays out of favour.

New schemes like the London Scrappage scheme aim to remove heavily polluting vehicles and replace them with the latest, cleanest alternatives such as hybrid and electrics.

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