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Citroen offer a 'swappage' scheme for most of their models which are brand new and currently in stock.
Your car must be older than 2014 and have been registered to you for at least three months.
Bare in mind that the offer may not be available along with other offers, so it's worth checking all the ins and outs before deciding if swappage is the best option for you!
Our Verdict: Good savings but check your car trade value, eg with to see if you may be better doing a different deal.

Ford are offering £2000 scrappage towards most of their new cars. and £4k+ on the S Max or Galaxy.
They also offer £3000 - £7000 + vat on commercial vehicles.
Our Verdict: Good savings but check other deals.

£2500 scrappage towards a new Niro - hybrid petrol, plug-in hybrid or full electric versions.
Our Verdict: Pretty good value small SUV.

£3000 - £4000 scrappage towards various new Mazdas as long as they are under 144gms CO2.
Our Verdict: 144 gms is pretty high...

£2000 - £2500 scrappage towards select Aygo and Yaris models.
Our Verdict: A good deal on their smaller, very efficent cars.

All information is provided in good faith however human error can occur and therefore
always do your own checks and investigations before proceeding with any advertised offer.